Architectural design consultancy

An excellent architectural design must combine the core elements of interior, exterior, landscape, surroundings and economic optimalization for the Investor. The architectural design consultants of NORA are strongly confident to meet key factors to bring an optimal and perfect product to clients.


Keeping track of the latest interior design trend with the best solution in materials, color mixture and feng shui, NORA highly commits to create comfortable working and living spaces for the valued clients.


Conducting a thorough studying and analysis on the factors which have a great impact on the lanscapde of a building such as materials, shape, structure, using capacity and the most important is the regional culture values. All of these make the different values for NORA compared to rival companies in the industry.


We always pay high attention to the sustainability of any projects. Apart from high quality and cost-saving, the environmental friendliness is also one of the priorities in any design projects of NORA.


NORA team knows how to have a harmony combination of the natural elements to bring an extraordinary and brand-new looking for the project right from the outside.





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